Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association

National Law Enforcement Day- May 15th

What is National Law Enforcement Day and why is this date so important to law enforcement?
How did we come by this date as National Law Enforcement Day?

May 15th is a day set aside for officers and the public to pay their respect and homage to those officers who have given their lives in the line-of-duty. On October 1, 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed Public Law 87-726, which declared May 15th as National Law Enforcement Day. President Kennedy signed this bill to honor and remember those fallen officers.

In Minnesota, LEMA hosts a "Standing of the Memorial Guard" event on May 15th. Officers from across the state post guard around our Peace Officer's memorial which is located on the State Capitol grounds. Standing of the memorial guard commences at 2000 hours on the evening of the 14th and continues until 1930 hours on May 15th. At 1930 hours LEMA hosts a Candlelight vigil. This service begins with Honor Guard units from across the state that march in a parade across the Wabasha Bridge, up to the Peace Officers' Memorial and stand at parade rest around the guests in attendance at the service. Each guest is provided with a candle before the ceremony begins which is lit at the end of the service. For more information on these events please contact a LEMA Board of Director.