Officer Michael Hogan

End of Watch : December 15, 1989

Hutchinson Police Department

On Friday, December 15 at 7:15 pm, Officer Michael Hogan responded to the J.C. Penney store in the Hutchinson Mall for a suspicious person who was believed to be returning stolen merchandise for cash. Officer Hogan arrived, and was sitting behind the desk interviewing the suspect along with the store manager in a back office area when the suspect displayed a gun. One shot was fired, hitting Officer Hogan in the head. Several customers in the store heard a noise which sounded like a gun being fired and watched a man walk out of the store very quickly. In the meantime, the manager along with a nurse who was a customer in the store attended to Officer Hogan. The suspect, upon leaving the store, could not find his accomplices and walked to a nearby McDonalds where he forced at gunpoint two young male students to drive him to Minneapolis. It was learned that as the three accomplices watched several police units arriving at the mall with red lights and sirens, they realized something had gone wrong, and fled the area. Officer Hogan was taken to Hutchinson Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead at Hutchinson Community Hospital. He was 43 years old.

The two male students were released later that evening unharmed and flagged down a Minneapolis police officer for help. That night around 10:10 pm, the suspect's three accomplices were apprehended at a Highway 7 roadblock. They were identified as Jack William Rivers, 30, Rose Marie Boyce, 28, and Darlene Alice Hausmann, 37. They were later charged with second-degree murder for being the suspect's accomplices. They have since served their time and have been released.

Minneapolis police had been searching all weekend for the suspect, Phillip Lewis Cole, 29. They went to a house at 3rd Street and 21st Avenue North and learned the suspect had left the house prior to their arrival and car jacked a red Subaru driven by a 21 year old woman. South Lake Minnetonka police located the car at 11:00 pm and a chase ensued. The car crashed and rolled in McLeod County on County Road 9, between Lester Prairie and Winsted. Cole took the Minneapolis woman at gunpoint and they walked to the home of Alan and Sandy Otto. Cole held the couple, their one year old daughter Alaina and the Minneapolis woman hostage for six hours. He threatened to shoot himself or the hostages, but at 5:15 am on Tuesday, Cole surrendered to police. Nine hours after being captured, he was charged with second-degree murder and held on $1 million bail. He also faced charges of criminal sexual conduct for assaulting the Minneapolis woman. He was later found guilty of first-degree murder and two counts of second degree murder, five counts of assault, three counts of kidnapping, one count of felon in possession of a pistol and five misdemeanor counts for use of a dangerous weapon.

As the events unfolded it was learned that these individuals had been on a shoplifting spree in Minneapolis where they would shoplift items from stores, and then one of them would go back into the store to request a refund. At J C Penney in Hutchinson, these individuals used a birth certificate for identification when purchasing $47.00 of clothing from the young boy's department. When Cole entered the store to ask for a refund, he happened to approach the same clerk as the accomplices had, and used the same birth certificate. The clerk then called for the manager.

On September 13, 1990, Phillip Cole was sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years for Officer Hogan's murder. The earliest he could be released is 2099. At his sentencing Cole stated he had no pity for Officer Hogan. The judge responded by saying "Quite frankly, I don't feel any pity for you." In October, 1990 Cole was also convicted of the criminal sexual conduct against the Minneapolis woman he kidnapped and raped. As part of the plea agreement he was sentenced to 13 years to be served concurrently with the other sentence.

Officer Hogan started his law enforcement career as a dispatcher in 1973. In 1974 he was hired as a full time officer. His funeral was held at Bethlehem United Methodist Church in Hutchinson. His burial was at Fort Snelling National Cemetery. He was survived by his wife, Sharae and three children, Tracy then 22, Jack, 19, and Megan 11.

Sharae shares that her husband was very passionate about sharing his off-duty time with children. Officer Hogan spent countless hours volunteering as a Little League football coach. Sharae remembers that the city team, the Panthers, seldom had a winning season, however, parents requested Mike along with the other volunteer police officers be their child's coaches. Parents believed in their coaching philosophy to teach the kids to play fair, learn the skills needed to play the game, and develop good sportsmanship.

Oldest son Tracy lives in the Twin Cities and is currently an Insurance Claims Representative, is a Certified Paralegal and has been a member of the Hennepin County water patrol for the past 5 years. Jack is married living in Hutchinson with his wife Connie and their seven year old son Jordan. Jack is an insurance claims adjuster. Daughter Megan is married to Brian and they have a daughter, Madalynn who is 1 1/2 years old and boosts Sharae "is the cutest thing on two legs." Megan is a pharmacy technician and a vet technician and they live in Annandale.

In years past, Sharae owned a book store in the Hutchinson Mall called B J Book Sellers. Now many years later she is back in a book store, Barnes and Noble and loving it.

As Sharae reflects back to those cold December days in 1989, she fondly remembers Sergeant Ron Kirchoff who stayed with her through the dark days following the death of her husband. She will never forget his kindness. She also remembers "those people" from LEMA who showed up at her door and helped her through a most difficult time. Sharae is a Board of Director for LEMA and wants to give back wherever there is a need for her support.

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